In movement there is balance. In balance there is movement.

Yoga is all about balance. Within and without.

Above, Below, Front, Behind. Male, Female, In, Out.

– Mark Whitwell

“Abs, Arms, Ass – need we say more?”

Define your abs, chisel your arms and lift your booty.  Sculpt classes flow through repeated sequences of yoga poses as you match music to targeted movement and breath, then we gradually increase the speed for a cardiac and detoxifying effect while increasing stamina and strength. Expect to sweat, burn & shake.

“Mindful. Fluid. Methodical.”

Yoga Stick offers a multitude of movements and stretching possibilities. You blend your body positions with a staff which creates additional support, balance, and leverage. It is adding this additional tool or prop, which is used like a third leg that can enhance greater ease of stretching in gravity.




“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

A yogi with certifications sharing her passion.

Zen out with her on the mat as she leads you through mindful practices.


Our 50-minutes Rave Yoga is designed for all levels of fitness. Remember to listen to your body, stay hydrated throughout the class, and move at your own pace whenever necessary. Stretch your muscles and flow through a sequence of yoga poses as you match your movement and breath to the beat. Walk out feeling invisible.

At RAVENITY, we are devoted to providing you with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in our studios at all times. Mats, weights, and yoga staff will be wiped down after every class using top-grade disinfectants.


After each session, we serve a cup of hot tea freshly brewed from our RaveBar. REFRESHING!!

Freshen up in our full-service shower room equipped with Australian natural body, hair, and face care, Sukin, Jo Malone Cologne, salon-quality hair serum, and Dyson hairdryer.

Need a Yoga mat? Don’t worry. We got your back! We provide a Yoga mat for rent at RM6.